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Learning2Code.net has Been Launched

Learning2Code.net (L2C) is a new site that is geared toward teaching Microsoft technical skills such as programming, database administration, reporting and more.

It works similar to a blog engine and allows visitors to comment on articles as well. The reason I opted to build a new site from scratch rather than just using a blog engine is because I found that a blog engine didn't provide me with the flexibility that I was looking for. My intentions were originally to use iGregor.net to share mini lessons that discuss various programmnig and other technical concepts. I quickly realized that the framework of a blog engine didn't easily allow for linking lessons together in a specific order. I also wanted the ability to upload video feeds and have a download section for each lesson (for sample files, labs, and video downloads).

The firs  article on L2C is a re-work of an article that I had posted on iGregor.net (Adding Controls to an ASP.NET Form Dynamically). I will most likely take all of the articles that I have written on that blog and move them over to the new site with a few changes to clean them up. L2C also has a blog area where I will be discussing various technical topics, most likely .net related.

I will still be posting on iGregor.net, but that blog will become less technical oriented and be more related to personal interests.

Please follow me on here L2C and let me know what I can do to improve the site.

You can contact me at gregor@learning2code.net.
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