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Why I Launched Learning2Code

Why start a new website?

I have been programming for almost 10 years and have also been teaching for much of that time. As an MCT I spend a lot of time trying to keep my skills up to date. Since technology seems to be changing more quickly every day, that can be hard to do. In keeping my skills up to date I rely on learning both from books and web sites. Books give a lot of good information, but it seems like they generally only scratch the surface. To go deeper and answer some of the tougher questions it seems like I need to rely more heavily on blogs and other sites.

I have found these sites to be very helpful, but often somewhat frustrating as well. Often when I think I have found the answer to my question I find that it is either incomplete or the wrong solution. There are many great sites that post good articles on how to perform a certain task, but each article stands alone. The goal of Learning2Code is to provide short tutorials which link to each other. Lessons will have pre-requisite links that navigate to other lessons on the Learning2Code site.

Learning2Code is free and does not require registration. I have found it frustrating when I search for a problem and think I have found the solution only to come to a site that requires me to register and/or pay a membership fee. The goal of Learning2Code is to provide a resource to users who want to learn to program or design/build/maintain databases.

Lesson Format

Lessons will be short so that they are neither overwhelming nor too time consuming. Videos will be around 15 minutes each. With this constraint I am forced to keep lessons focused on specific topics.  When topics overlap, I will cross reference other lessons so that I don't get off the topic of the lesson at hand.

Each lesson is broken down into 3 sections.
what?What - this section is an introduction to what the lesson will cover.
how?How - describes the technical aspects of how to perform the task described in the lesson.
so what?So What - this section is the conclusion to the lesson and answers the question "So What?" The idea is that just learning how to do something is often useless unless you also understand why it can or should be done.

Each lesson will be presented both as a video as well as html so you can opt to read instead of watching videos. Videos will also be downloadable in several formats. Other downloads will include sample source code used in lessons and lab exercises to re-enforce the topics discussed in the lesson.

Where to start?

As I was debating which lessons to start with I considered covering some of the "hottest" current topics, but as I thought more about it I decided to build the lessons in the same fashion that I would build up a topic in a classroom setting. I have decided to start with the basics and move forward from there. Since each lesson will be very short, the amount of lessons that need to be created seems almost insurmountable at the moment. But, as they say, Rome was not built in a day. Learning2Code will also not be built in a day. It is, however, my goal to provide you with high quality training material at no cost to you.

The site will also continue to evolve. I have many ideas of how the site needs to be improved and will constantly be working to make that happen. I welcome your comments and requests to let me know what I can do to make this site one that you will visit often. I thank you for your support.

Gregor Dzierzon

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